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Preserved bear grass 60- 80cm 100cm decoration intérieur

Preserved bear grass 60- 80cm 100cm decoration intérieur

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Preserved bear grass is a grass with long, thin leaves. Its long leaves are similar to flexible threads. Ideal to give volume, it is very used by florists as a garnish for the realization of flower bouquets but also as a decorative element by interior designers. Indeed, its natural and airy aspect makes it an element of choice for your creations. With a length of 60 to 70 cm, the Bear grass can be easily cut to personalize all your compositions of exotic or graphic styles. This modern foliage, also known as bear grass, offers a lot of advantages for decoration professionals whether it is for your compositions or to decorate a wall.

This preserved Bear Grass (aka Xerophyllum Tenax)is ideal for adding into displays or just using on its own. It is a flexible grass that can be bent, plaited, twisted and intertwined into preserved and artificial flower display

Selling per bunch, each bunch has 100g, approx 50 branches

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