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Preserved amaranthus vintage violet H50-80cm, wall decoration

Preserved amaranthus vintage violet H50-80cm, wall decoration

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Beautiful and charming bunch of hanging amaranthus to display alone in a vase/pot or mix with other flowers.
Amaranthus is favorite accent plant and filler for wedding flowers, church arrangements, and cascading bouquets, due to its unique texture and bright colors. They blend perfectly with garden roses, orchids, and hydrangeas

Hanging Amaranth has a great dripping look and will be perfect for vertical gardening, living walls, arch decor, wreaths, floral arrangement,
It is a natural plant that was preserved
It will keep its colors and soft structure for years and do not need any maintenance.

All stems are different, there is no identical amaranthus because it's naturally growing plants!

Wrapping carefully in a polybag or kraft paper.

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