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Pack of 5 embroidery lavender bag, DYI, lavender embroidered, natural scent

Pack of 5 embroidery lavender bag, DYI, lavender embroidered, natural scent

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French Lavender Sachets for Drawers and Closets Fresh Scents, Home Fragrance Sachet
Each sachet has 15-18g of lavender bug, in handmade embroidery bag

Packing of 5 bag as photo

SACHETS WITH 100% NATURAL LAVENDER FROM SOUTH OF FRANCE: Unlike many other chemicals added lavender fragrance packets, which can easily gives headache, our lavender flower sachets are all 100% naturally dried real lavender flower buds, hand-filled craft cute lavender sachets, most delightful and aromatic fragrance of lavender.
RELEASE STRONG LAVENDER SCENT: With naturally dried lavender flower buds, the scent and fragrance of lavender can get weak (oil evaporated) easily after a while, but the scent of lavender still exists in the flower buds. The right and best way to refresh fragrance of lavender is to dab or even try to crush the flower buds a little with just your hands and fingers. It would instantly release the most aromatic fragrance of lavender in the air. And this can last for months at least!
IDEAL FOR DRAWERS AND CLOSETS: Best uses for closets, drawers, gym bags, cars, linen closets, suitcase, pillows, and storage bins or hanging in wardrobes. Dried French lavender buds have a delightful scent. Lavender is a great relaxant as well. It has been used for insomnia, anxiety, depression and to lift your mood.

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