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Extra fluppy Long stem pampas taupe brown color, rustic decoration

Extra fluppy Long stem pampas taupe brown color, rustic decoration

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Tall grey/light brown pampas grass 🌾

This pampas is tall, so would sit beautifully in a vase on the floor. The plumes are mostly grey, but are a mixture of colours due to them being a natural source. Some have a purple hue to them, some are cream, some have a more brown colour to them, and some plumes almost look ombré, which is so pretty!

From the bottom of the stem to the top of the plume the length is approximately 120 -150cm.

The plume itself is approximately 80 - 90cm.

When you receive the pampas, you can tease the plumes apart to give them more fluffy.

To unflatten - fluff out the pampas, you can do the following:

• Very gently, tease the plumes apart with your fingers. Be careful as they are fragile.
• Holding the stalk at the bottom of the plume (feathery part) gently give them a shake to help separate them.
• Stand them in a vase and let them fall apart naturally

Tip: Once the grass is in place and styled to how you like it, you can give it a light misting of hairspray to keep the plumes in place and to help with excess shedding.

Please note: Shedding is normal and expected. Especially with the larger pampas grasses. Losing some feathers whilst shaking is normal, and they will shed slightly in their vase.

Pampas grass can live for up to 3 years in a vase.

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