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Big Petal Preserved hydrangea, hydrangea, bridalflower

Big Petal Preserved hydrangea, hydrangea, bridalflower

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Beautiful big white petal hydrangea, with length of approximately 30 cm and 1-3 stems, diameter approx 22-25cm

Hydrangea flowers cause a rehydration process by being placed in a mixture made from glycerine and other plant elements. This liquid increases through the trunk until it completely substitutes the sap. After a few days, the process is complete, and the plant is ready to be used. Preserving, or stabilizing, is a far more expensive process then processing dried flowers.

The final result is a flexible flower with a completely natural appearance. The condom keeps working for months, or even years. Because of the durability of these types of products it is a perfect match for gorgeous everlasting arrangements.
—Important note before ordering——-

As this item is bleached & preserved, it is more delicate and fragile than other preserved flowers. They may be flatten slightly during transport.

Handle with Care
Package with polybag/wrapping paper.

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